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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Hahaha...why you say? Well I went for a haircut today and after the hairdresser done cutting my hair the lady boss came over and told me it would look good if I get my hair colored and so I straight away agreed to get my hair colored, and I told her to use whatever color that best suites my hair.. and tadaa the result.


So there you go, hopefully I can style the same way the hairdresser did for me. So alright besides that I just got home from teh tarik session with Danny and we talked alot about cars as usual, just hope that I can land myself in Indonesia someday, the car modding scene there is very interesting as pictured by him. would take sometime before I can land in Tokyo to watch the real deal, but I guess I'll land my feet in Indonesia first where it has quite some good car modding scene as well. Got to work hard, so many things to think of these days for instance, myself, my car, vacation, job, and most importantly MONEY$$$$$!! Well I guess its true, as we get older there are more and more things that we need to think of, how I miss the days where I only need to think about getting good score for exams, well those were the days they say.

Right, so as you all know I am considering to transplant a new engine into my car well hopefully by this year and I went to do a little scouting the other day which I shouldn't have. I found a halfcut that I'm planning to get which was in mint condition. *argh* my desire just increased itself sky high. The engine was in tip top condition, everything was good about the halfcut inside out, sigh if only i had the cash I would have paid the shop on the spot and carried it home. I've taken some photo of the engine :) the new owner has got to be 1 helluva lucky guy.


Well so what else, nothing much happened lately but I have been pretty busy the past month where I had to go back to work OT for the new account every week as the account needed more headcount per shift. The lucky thing was, there wasn't much stuffs to do, so I was slacking in my office most of the time listening to music, chatting with friends and watching utube once in a while =P. Oh I'm getting my confirmation this month, and hopefully they will increase my salary, I need as much money as possible as my car roadtax is due soon in January and I'm still empty pocket. This is what you get when you plan your financial badly, yeah I have to admit that I'm really a bad financial planner. I cant stop spending, that has got to change but somehow I just want to spend like mad for this first year of work, well just for the satisfaction.

So I've learnt quite some new stuffs in my new account and I'm glad that I've chosen to move over, furthermore I'm enjoying myself with my current shift members mainly because they do not smoke! Yeah, 2nd hand smoker die faster you get what I mean? I just feel nice being around them, though its kinda quiet sometimes when we're out, but oh well overall I had a nice time conferencing with them in the office *lol* The best thing is I know quite a handful of 2nd lvl people now, and hopefully I can bridge my way there next year after my contract ends. *Keeping my fingers crossed*. Well I've learnt quite some thing from work the most important rule is act stupid and keep a low profile, you won't go wrong. I realize people are always there to pull you down. So its good to keep quiet and smartly work your way up, we only need to proof to the team leader that we're good and not to everyone else.

Oh by the way, Kevin joined my company too and coincidentally the same team with me, the bad thing is he's in the opposite shift of mine, well guess we won't be hanging out until our contract ends or unless I change to L2 and get the same shift as him, hahaha well lets hope so. Well the thing that bothers me most now is my MONEY... *god pls give me more $$$* hahaha.. alright guess that's all for now. I will update more soon I hope =P.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Officially Graduated !!!

That's right, I've finished my exam last year December 2005 and got my results early April this year, and guess what? my convocation was on 17th September which was 2 days ago. Oh well I guess its worth the wait somehow, the feeling is great where I get to see most of my classmates there to do some catching up as well as taking photos. I guess the fun part is taking photos, its a one in a lifetime thingie and I think everyone should try to snap as much photo as possible as we (me and my classmates) might not meet each other again in the future after this convocation, who knows? Below are some of the photos taken at my convocation.

Free Image Hosting at
This is the Reinassance Grand Ballroom entrance.

Free Image Hosting at
My mum and dad X) nice bor my flowers? *lol*

Free Image Hosting at
Ex-classmates came to visit us :D thanks guys!

Free Image Hosting at
Here's Wayne and Michelle...dude where's my mortar board???

Free Image Hosting at
Hohohoho....happy moments XD

Anyways there's more pictures but I'm too lazy to post all of them here. You can view more of my graduation pictures on my friendster though :) Alright something funny at graduation, besides getting the scroll there was another award for best final year project which I did not manage to get, and I was questioned by my mum =.=" where she goes saying that I always play games on my PC and thus I failed to get that award, which was true.. hahaha I didnt really gave in my 100% I guess, but oh well I'm happy with the results I got no complains there. Oh my scroll was presented by Sapura holdings director or something, Tan Sri something something which made me quite disapointed. I was hoping to get the scroll from the UK University Din, a guai lou which will make the photo looks much much better :(

The ceremony ended around 430PM and there was refreshments prepared for us and the guest outside the ballroom. There was aproximately 1000 guests and it was pretty much crowded, I only manage to grab some food and I couldn't find any drinks, give the guests sapu all already I guess. Left the hotel after paying for my group photo and got a receipt where I'm suppose to collect the photos on the 29th when I return my gown. We went to watch the football matches that night featuring Chelsea vs Liverpool and Man United vs Arsenal which was quite dissapointing where Man U midfielders were basically crappy the whole night. Damn I hope Giggs will faster recover from his injury, we need him!! argh...

Nothing much this few days, basically spend the time fixing up my car and furnishing it with something nice =P Thats all for now.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Changing Shift?!

Yup u read that right, I will be changing shift soon whereby instead of working sun-wed its going to be wed-sat wtf? Yup I'm going to miss all the weekend hangouts with you guys, bah this sucks but there is nothing I could do really, as I'm assigned to handle a new account by my team leader and apparently the first half (sun-wed) shift is already full. Oh well, told by my team lead that I could make a swapping with my first half team mates once the account is stabalized. Yeah the new account is facing alot of problems, and well they need me Super-Loong to go and fix it lol, just kidding. Anyways I look at it as a chance for me to learn new stuffs and to prove my worthiness whereby I made a vow to myself that I'm going to fix that account single-handedly, yeah right! Oh, I just realized that I cant be ranting about work here anymore =_=" as my blog is easily searched on google, dont believe me? try googling for Tze Loong.

Apart from that Kevin has officially fired his boss yesterday =.= and hopefully he will be able to join my company, hohoho then we can lepak together for breaks X). Oh and his blog has been revived, hopefully not for a day only lol.

LX is back from Cambodia and bought back some cool postcards for us, picked one off the loads of postcard, although didn't get the one I wanted (who took the blue Angkor Wat postcard?! faster give it to me *bwahahahaha*). Also he got me a blinder! thanks man at last I can sleep well in the afternoon now without getting disturbed by the sun light. Alright aside from that quite a number of my friends are leaving to UK to continue their studies lets name a few of them: Vincent, Whei Meng, Victoria, and Jeng Yean. I wish you all the best in your studies, good luck in whatever you do over there and dont forget to take good care of yourselves, hope to see you guys soon I hope.

Been thinking quite alot lately, whereby I'm still in the midst of considering whether I should continue to modify my car by changing the engine just for the sake of fun. Hmmm... I need some opinion people. This is a point where I need to decide should I continue to modify my car or should I concentrate in getting a new car? which will be quite sometime from now, probably after I've finished paying my car loan. I am reluctant to sell off my car now as I have placed in a lot of effort to make it look good and it will be a waste if I let it go. Then aside from that I am also thinking about my plans for my future, the CCNA cert, should I take a course or should I self study? I can save alot if I choose to self study about 4k+-. I will need to look for materials to self study, as the paper needs me to have some basic knowledge on the cisco products. Hmm.. I will leave the study plan to next year, I will concentrate on improving my life this year by equiping myself with stuffs that I have been craving to buy all these years.

I did some research on the job scope of all the accounts that are handled by my department, almost everyone here are doing event monitoring and notification, yeah sounds nice? basically they are just like a mail room, dispatching things to supporting teams without doing much technical stuffs. Yup and I'm not proud of what I'm doing here either, too little to learn in my opinion, and hopefully I will be able to acquire more knowledge from the new account. Oh by the way I'm having my convo this coming sunday 17th September at Renaissance Hotel KL starts in the morning around 9AM. You guys are welcome to come to my convo :P butyou're not allowed to get in the hall as the seats are very limited and besides that you need to pay RM60 in order to get a seat, yup APIIT slaughters all of us because they know we will pay for its a once in a lifetime thingie sigh. Alright that's all for now will update again soon.

Monday, September 04, 2006

10 years of Computing...

Yup 10 years of computing, thats the amount of years I've lived with my PCs. I was browsing when I came across Fifa 07, still remember the first game I bought for my PC was Fifa 98 and thinking back, it has been 10 years since then. Thinking back I've became so dependant on it that a day without the PC is like I'm missing a big part of myself. Thinking back the PC played a really important role in my life, it has been an important communication tool for myself as its very boring as I'm the only child in my house. It provided entertainment as well as connecting me to all my friends, perhaps its the greatest mankind creation for single child family :P Still remember my first PC was a Pentium 166MHz MMX, then 2 years after that I got it upgraded to a AMD K6/2 450MHz. Those were the only 2 PCs that were not assembled by me, thinking back I got cheated quite alot by the computer shop =.=" I guess you pay the price of being noob. The following year I got a part time job at a computer shop in a shopping complex nearby my place, guess there was where i started to get more interest on computers.

Then I built my first PC which was a Duron 650MHz and I've learnt overclocking PC from the seniors there and managed to get my Duron to run at 900MHz w00t? yeah since then I have been overclocking my PC to run at a faster speed. I've also unofficially became the IT guy among my classmates and providing services for their PCs every now and then. Upgraded to several other PCs and now I'm using a Pentium 4 2.8GHz which is overclocked to 3.5GHz. Its going to be sometime before I upgrade the PC, or perhaps I'm not going to upgrade it anymore, guess its enough as I'm quitting on games and the PC is sufficient to play movies, perform some office task and internet surfing. Alright what do I get on spending 10 years with the PC? well I guess it brings me closer to my friends, got myself exposed to the technology stuffs and being my primary source of entertainment. Yeah, and the bad side? I've got bad astigmatism of the eye. My right eye astig level went from 0 to 200 and left eye from 0 to 150 in this 10 years. It may look little, but when I tried living a day without my spectacles the other day it was hell, I had a hard time reading the words from my monitor and driving at night was hell. But well I guess that's the price to pay for the services it provided me? Yeah right...

So I'm actually at work now, my eyes are kind of blurry, still a little dizzy after yesterday clubbin session with Kevin, Wei Ming, Vincent and Sai Seng at Zouk KL. The session went bad I did say, okay firstly it was all guy outing, then the worst part is.. not much chic was in Zouk that night =.=. Made a promise to myself that the next outing there have to be girls with us, okay dont get me wrong its to prevent people from misunderstanding us as gays LOL and we're definitely straight mind you. The DJ was really bad whereby the theme of the night was trance but the tune was just from low to high and vice versa the entire night! wth, the most uncreative DJ I've ever came across. Luckily the drink was good, yes! nothing beats Chivas got to say its my favourite liquor of all time. We left about 230AM and then we went to Jln Alor famous beef noodle, the noodle was good although I had the pork version due to religion restrictions. On our way back we met a roadblock but thanks to our Pro-conman cum driver Wei Ming we made the cops to believe that we were actually heading back home from supper *LOL*. Took my bath as soon as I reached home and then got a call from a friend and we chit chatted for about 2 hours when I finally gave up and slept around 615AM.

Well here I am now 12 hours from the time I slept blogging at work and in fact I'm very sleepy but I just restricted myself from sleeping, just following the rules and I believe HP does not pay me to sleep at work like some of the !@#$% does. Alright guess that's all for now, take care !

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Life is a box of chocolate...

Yes u read that right... and today I came across one very very odd chocolate, yeah its something damn shocking, perhaps if u ask me I'll tell you about it. Just got home from yumcha with my APIITian brothers and one lost girl. Hmm...the yumcha session turn out good, did some catching up with everyone, still the same ol' gang I did say. Discussed quite alot of stuffs mostly about HardGay (HG), yes Vincent formed the HG club together with the co-founders Wei Ming and Sai Seng. Oh by the way the Cheese Nan is not bad, though I did prefer a crispier crust which I had at some mamak sometime ago, couldnt remember where.

So yeah today's my off day only work for 3 days this week. Work is getting boring these days, perhaps its time I need to learn other accounts besides the one that I'm doing currently. Somehow I got to be thick face and hopefully my colleagues wouldn't be too stingy to teach me about their accounts. I'm kind of confused now as I'm deciding which path should I take, the management path or the technical path. Say if I'm going to the management path I will keep on staying at my current department and try to go up as department team leader and then onto some manager position, else if I choose the technical path I'll need to jump to Tier 2 support. The concern now is the $ part as well as the job scope. I have fear that if I would go the management path, I will lose out alot on learning technical stuffs as my interest are there. Perhaps I would need to find out more before making a decision although the "Manager" word sounds much cooler then "Deep Technical Support" which is the Tier 3 engineers.

As I progress on my work, I kind of get the picture why my team consist of bunch of people who were much older than me, say by 3-6 years? Yeah I'm being honest, its the way they do their work, I have to say they carries the I dont give a fuck atitude to work and they are not serious on what they do. Imagine this I have already brought up several issues on my team members and yet they are still the same couldn't be bothered atitude although my team leader has already send several warning and reminders. I may sound like a idiot who complains alot but in reality I just wanted to make sure that my team would not face any shit from HP, but I guess its totally out of my control thus I am only concern about myself from now onwards. By the way guys, I hope you all are serious about your work, give in your 110% and dont fall into the category of my team mates.

I've just realised that the turnover rate at my department is quite high, perhaps its because the work is tiring? or maybe they found better offer elsewhere, as I'm speaking 2 of my team members are about to leave soon, one of them is my partner and there is one that already left, missing in action. One of my usual lunch kakis is also leaving and left another 3 of us, however there is a girl who joined into my shift recently but adui... not my cup of tea. :P okok perhaps I'm just too demanding oh well... there are new comers too, and I've spotted 1 which is quite good =P hopefully she'll be coming to my shift *pray... pray...* then work will be a little bit more interesting ngek ngek ngek...

Besides that, I realized that I'm a very bad financial planner, guess what its just middle of the month and I'm broke!! Yes u heard that right, flat broke. :( I just keep spending and spending without noticing the money I've left with me, guess I have to borrow from my dad and return him next month +_+" shit, I have to really calculate my spending next month onwards. I need a financial planner software, who has one? hahahaha... and btw I need a vacation, to Genting/Redang :P some place with fun activity, argh but I have to wait until after my confirmation which is another 3 months before I can take annual leave for vacation +_+"" Alright guess thats all for now, will update again soon.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Talent, Lifer, or Mandarin?

Took this interesting personality test and got the result as follows:

I'm a Talent!

You're a risk-taker, and you follow your passions. You're determined to take on the world and succeed on your own terms. Whether in the arts, science, engineering, business, or politics, you fearlessly express your own vision of the world. You're not afraid of a fight, and you're not afraid to bet your future on your own abilities. If you find a job boring or stifling, you're already preparing your resume. You believe in doing what you love, and you're not willing to settle for an ordinary life.

Talent: 54%
Lifer: 38%
Mandarin: 49%

Take the Talent, Lifer, or Mandarin quiz.

You guys go do the test, see what you get. So life's back to normal now after the World Cup 2006 finally ended last monday. Yupz, Italy won!! see what I told u all? Italy ROCKS !!! Luckily I did not bet in the match, else I would have lost, I can say Italy won it by luck though. As for me things are going well I can say, more things to learn as I progress on my job daily, going to support a new platform soon which is the Unix, kinda old platform but its the most stable by far. Nearly 2 months working here now, I have got a feeling there's limited things that I could learn, but anyhow no plans of changing job for now, perhaps after a year or so then I'll make a decision, still a fresh graduate after all. I've a short term plan however, which is to take up a professional cert the CCNA, to bring up my personal value, your know its very subjective in the IT world, Certs talks and bullshit walks. You can find like 2/10 people down the street who's an IT graduate? Perhaps exegerrating but that's what I felt. So what's the big deal of having an Degree in IT? thus having an extra professional cert would be a plus point. I'm pretty much certain that I would not step into software development for sure, so networking would be a better path for me.

Just watched Tokyo Drift last friday its a nice show, yeah I know I watched it kind of late, damn I want to drift ! Yeah, S15 is well in my list of car to purchase, no doubt I'll try my best to own one for drifting :P In case you guys are wondering S15 = Mona in Tokyo Drift. Going to watch Pirates of the Carribean 2 this wednesday, heard its a good show and I'm anticipating to watch it, enjoyed the first one alot. Besides that, downloaded Cars and The Benchwarmers and watched Cars yesterday, a nice show, good animation its kind of touching in the end when Lightning went to assist the Dinoco car to finish the race, thats sportmanship, but it definitely wont happen in real world I can say. Just completed downloading The Ring 2 this morning, wondering any other nice movies, come on guys recommend me some, I'm getting pretty much bored at home during my off days.

Playing this new RPG game "Titan Quest" and its like a Diablo replica, and I'm kind of enjoying it. It has a lengthy single player storyline, review says it would last me 40 hours of gameplay, not bad eh, at least can last me a month or so. Hopefully Blizzard will come up with Diablo 3 soon, but rumors said its going to be another MMORPG just like World of Warcraft *sigh* $$$ suckers. Alright thats all for now, will update more soon.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life Cycles

Alright just noticed today that my life has become a cycle without me noticing it when I was chatting with Aileen. So I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, have a cup of water, bath, breakfast and then off to work. Then after work, get home, bath, have my dinner, play DotA, watch one World Cup 2006 matche, and sleep. Interesting isn't it? it has been like this for the past 2 weeks, and my weekends was spent at home, and go out at night to watch some WC matches. =_="" damn.. but anyhow that's going to change soon, my shift work will be starting pretty soon probably next week then perhaps hopefully its something different, but I bet it would be the same also. Arghhh... I bet I'm gonna change this lifestyle somewhat or rather. Alright tomorrow I'm going to have another training session, perhaps its the last one where they prepare us for the real thing, honeymoon is going to be over soon =_="" its been a month since i started work on (22/05/06) and my job so far includes attending several training sessions, reading some online documents, and sitting in the office shake leg, surf and chat on MSN, cool eh? oh not forgetting Fusbol session with Sam also :D polishing my skills, my shots are getting stronger, dun prey prey ok... :P

So besides that, talk about my team Italy, the other day was watching the match where they played against USA, it was entertaining yup, with Del Rossi elbowing another player's face and was awarded a Red card together with another 2 USA plyers who got a red cards too. Speaking of professional footballing, bah they were like gladiators out there rather than playing world class football. Then I was so disapointed when Zaccardo scored an own goal, he was trying to clear the ball in front of the goal and somehow I dunno how the f*ck he missed kick and the ball went into the net instead of being cleared away. He totally wasn't being challenged by ANY USA players.. seriously I don't think he deserves to play the next match, and the fans wouldn't want to see him playing either. So that leaves Italy with 4 points in their group, though they're still the top, I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hopefully they're able to beat Czech in the next game and qualify into the knockout stage top of the group, if they were second they most probably have to face Brazil, and that's just too risky. So far of all the matches I watched I've shortlisted the possible WC winners and sadly Italy is not one of them at least they havent shown me that they were capable of doing it. The teams are Argentina, Germany and Spain. I think those avid football fans will have to agree with me that they seriously played good football, and their wins wasn't because the opponent team was lousy, seriously by qualifying for the World Cup the teams got to be of some quality alright. Then out of this 3 teams I would give my support to Argentina, I was really thrilled by their performance when they played against Serbia where they trashed them 6 - 0 where the game consists of great passes, great co-ordination and great goals :)

Oh by the way in case you guys dunno, Proton has just launched their latest Satria replacement model which is named Satria Neo, and most people who have viewed it told me that it was the best Proton made car by far. I've yet to view the car myself but from the pictures I'm really tempted to see the car for myself, but I doubt I'll change my car to the new Satria, reason? 2 doors. But incase you guys are wondering where to look for the pictures click here . Alright that's all for now, Go Go Italy!!! Forza Azzuris ;)