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Monday, June 20, 2005

MIGP 2005 RoX!

Finally I get my time to conclude the MIGP exhibition that ended on Saturday and it left me with some good and bad memories. Well lets forget about the bad ones and I would enjoy talking bout the good ones X). Started the firstday which was Wednesday 15th June, my group consisting of Vincent(Leader), Steven, Lee Jia, Jenny and myself packed and moved the free gifts for customer from the office to the exhibitor's hall. We also had to carry the beverages consisting of beers for the exhibitors. My job scope was to distribute free girfts for visitors/buyers and also to serve as waiter at the exhibitor's lounge where I had to prepare drinks, re-heating & serving food, and wiping the table =.=" One thing I would like to say is that the adults there were damn useless, they can't even dispose their own rubish after eating until we stick notices on the wall to plead them to throw. Nothing much happened on the first day, ended the day where we went to a small party in PWTC where I had a cup of beer and some food. Saw 2 pretty girls from Top-Repute(TR) HK and also a pretty girl staff in TR here. Got to know their name were Hilary, Vivian, and Queenie, so pretty but too bad they're not available :(

Day 2 to day 4 went on like a routine same as day 1 and nothing much happen in between except for we need to serve red wine to exhibitors as well on day 3&4 kind of a good exprience as I get to learn how to open a red wine bottle and pouring at least :) There's also some regret where I wanted to know this exhibitor girl, where one morning she came complaining why there weren't any english newspaper provided instead many chinese newspaper was available for the exhibitors, and she came asking every morning after that, I remembers it was on day 2.
Well just say...maybe we have no fate? lol. At the end of day 2, Rita gave all the temp staffs some free gifts to bring home consisting of pens, a whiteboard, soap, notepads, fans, etc. I gave most of the stuffs to my mum cos I've got too much of those things =.="

Got to know quite a number of exhibitors by serving at the lounge and most of them are friendly and polite and get to hear many good feedbacks on the show from them, well thats good. On the 3rd day the HK girls came up to the lounge and Queenie chatted with Vincent before I join in the conversation, and Vince manage to get her MSN contact ^^v also we talked abit bout our canto language compared to HK's and places in HK. Hopefully I'll be seeing her again when she comes to visit Malaysia or when I go to HK =P. On the last day, the hall was closed earlier thats 5pm, after packing the stuffs and sending them down to office we had our picture session with all the temp staffs and the organizers. Spend about 2 hours in the office taking photos, talking craps and collecting our salaries before leaving for dinner at somewhere in KL =.=" *dont remember the road name* together with Katherine and Jeffery where we had bak kut teh. I still prefer the Jalan Ipoh's somehow, but they only open for business from 930~10pm onwards. Ryan paid the bill and we went over to Steven's corner to calculate the amount per person, as it was to return a favour we owe Katherine for spending us a meal last time. Oh, in case you're wondering Katherine is my boss.

On Sunday, I woke up at 12pm where I planned to start doing my DSAP question 3 instead I went to play a game of DotA which lasted until about 1pm. Then I spend a little time surfing and went out for lunch and wash my dirty car. Reach home about 3pm where I started to do my DSAP assignment and at 4pm Kevin reached my house to pick me up for my birthday dinner. :P In case you didn't know my bday is on 22nd June but I'm celebrating earlier for everybody convinience. Went over to Vince place about 5 where we waited for the rest of the Sunny Skyline members to arrive and I burn the MIGP pics from Vince's camera *and I left the cd-rw at his house -.-' argh!! forgetful*. I recieved my birthday present from Ryan at Vince's house before leaving and I was puzzled what it contains with the big box packaging hehe...Then we left for dinner at New Paris a restaurant in SS2 at 7pm waited for everyone's arrival (Ryan, Kevin, Vincent, Sai Seng, Steven, Henry, and Frederick) before I start to order at 730pm. We had 7 dishes including Sharksfin soup, fried sotong, champagne chicken, onion ginger deer meat, belacan kangkong, fried tofu and a tomato sauce pork meat which I don't know how to address in english. All the food were finish and I was glad everyone is full :)

After the dinner we dropped by at Jason's place and I was greeted by a song from Jason's band which is the Bleach ending theme "Houki Boshi by Yunna&Younha" and seriously I was really impressed, you guys ROCKS! Then we spend sometime playing with the music instruments including the drumset, electronic guitar and also the electronic keyboard, Jason & gang were really pro at it as all of them seems to be all rounder =.=". We also played Naruto 2 there and again we get to see Ryan's emotional face and reaction when Vincent annoyed him in the game *lol* really couldn't stop laughing. At 11pm I had my cake whereby Jason & gang played me a birthday song *rock version* it was real nice! Made a wish and blow the candle before biting them out =.=" *luckily no one push my face*, and divided the cake to everyone in the house.

After finishing our cake, left Jason's house at about 1130pm where we went for a movie in Mid Valley "Batman Begins". A fairly nice show and some good actions too. The new bat mobile looks good too, but it doesn't have much gadgets compared to the old one. A nice show lasted 2hours ++ thanks for the treat Ryan ! After the show we dismissed and we went back to Vincent's place to get our cars. Once I reach home, I couldn't wait to see what's inside the present, and carefully i removed the wrapper to find a CD-RW box @@" I was puzzled for a while, and thinking it couldn't be a CD-RW as all of them know I already owned one.. and once I open the box OMG... its a 160GB HDD?! I was speechless for a moment and really appreciated the gift, though I still think its too much, but what can I say... THANKS a lot guys !! X)

Time to bug my parents to get me a new motherboard, I can't wait to use the new HDD X). Can open a p0rn server already, hahahahaha.. alright guess that's all for today I really like to thank all of you who made it to my bday dinner and those who helped me to celebrate my birthday, a million thanks to you !!! I guess that's all for now... really tired already got to catch some sleep, else I'll be skipping all the classes tomorrow =.=" no good.. ciaoz~

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Work Work...

Right this week I'm working in the Malaysian International Gift Premium (MIGP) at PWTC from Tuesday to Saturday and actually today its a training day where we were brought tour the hall and also thought on the registration of visiotors. Reached there about 2pm in Kevin's car and met up with Ryan, Sai Seng and Vincent in the office. Then Wei Ming reach 5 minutes after we arrived. Besides us there are 8 others who were previously working with me at The Amazing Body Adventure Nov 04 ~ Jan 05 and there's one new colleague. We have been seperated into groups for the entire 4 days events and for the first 2 days I'll be under the lead of Vincent and we'll be working in the Hall's Gift Redemption Counter,the entrance, and Steven's Corner *lol its actually a small place to yumcha provided for businessman there*. On the third and fourth day I'll be working under Lynn a colleague from the previous event where we're in charge of handling the registration and ushering of visitors.

Our briefing ended at 415pm where we went over to Mc D at The Mall to have our lunch + dinner. Tried the new value meal which is Grilled Chicken Foldover, not too bad but I did still prefer a hamburger also added a side order a Chicken Burger. Spend some time chatting after our meal and dismissed. Reached home around 630pm and spend my time sitting in front of my PC surfing and chatting with friends on MSN. Then I had a game of minesweeper flags with a friend of mine and its really worth mentioning as we were tied at 25 - 25 before i getting the last flag to win the game !! This is a really rare occasion.


Then I took my shower after watching the drama on Wah Lai Toi, and here I am updating my blog. Got to sleep early tonight as I'll be waking up at 630am tomorrow morning to go to work =.=" ciaoz.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Yeah Update!

Its again time to update my blog, been lazying a while where there isnt much happening in life these days rather than projects + dota. Just got home from Steven's corner Pandan Indah after yumcha session with Sunny Skyline members except for Kevin who has a party going on somewhere. Yea, Vincent is back from Atlantis expidition 2 weeks ago but he did not inform any of us =.=" we were so surprise to find him in college on Wednesday. Anyhow welcome back dude and thanks alot for the souvenir! Its really a neat one. Its 2 pieces of the coins used in rome during the Caesar's era.

We had a special discussion during our TT session tonight brought up by Ryan the DDLY Kiasu... the topic was "Why yum cha have to be late at night" spend some good time debating with him, and the conclusion was we have to come up with a proposal to yumcha and submit it to Ryan 10 Hours before the yumcha session =.=" ridiculous no? We sat and talk lots of stuffs, without realizing we've spend about 4 hours sitting and chit chatting at the mamak from 1230am > 430am =.=" and surprisingly my butt did not show indication of time.

Usually my butt will start to ache after 2~3 hours sitting on a plastic chair at mamak. But perhaps its due to the new upgraded chair and table at steven's that made yumcha session more comfortable. By the way, the Steven's Corner in Pandan Indah has upgraded, from 1 side shop to 3 shops taking over the 2 shops next to it. Its quite spacious now and a provides a clean environment to yumcha, hope they maintain the cleaniness, felt nicer drinking at a clean place. After dropping Ryan at his house I took the Kesas Highway to get back to my place. On the way home we "me and vince" saw 2 weird accidents. The first one was at the Bukit Jalil tol where a Wira colided headon with a Iswara on the fastlane.. and OMG? me and vincent really puzzled how it colided that way, and it shows no sign on the road that the wira skidded, spin or whatsoever. Really left me and Vincent puzzled, many cars came to rescue the drivers I guess they were friend's of any of the 2 car owners. After the tol as we were discussing on the cause of the accident we saw another car on the opposite lane overturned sideway, and it was a BMW 3 series, the front of the car was badly smashed, and we wonder how the car over turned ???? =.=" omg really weird man.. So a word of advice here, drive safely my friends... I'm starting to doubt my GSR conversion plans for my car after witnessing accident over accidents.

There are 4 project submission this month and the earliest one is next week monday where we have to submit our Project Management assignment which is done just now. Then comes DSAP where the question 3 is due on the 20th of June and there is a compulsory supervisor session next week which i still havent come up with anything, planning to draft up a simple gantt chart tomorrow and some simple questionaires to show it to her on monday. Next week I'll be working at the MIGP which is all the way from Tuesday to Saturday, and I'm going to have my birthday dinner on Sunday >"< omg the schedule for this month is really tight. Next submission of project is AOOM on 29th of June which is 70% done, and should be able to complete in time. My main concern is the DWA project which is due on the 4th of July and up to now its still 0% progression!! omg, I is so dead...

Just bought a new casing to replace my old one recently which is the Cooler Master Centurion 5 due to the fact that I need to bring my PC to college for FYP presentation purpose, the old casing was really inconvinient as its a full tower server case. I did something stupid to my new case, by using thinner to rub the plastic surface of the window that had some glue stains =.=" some parts of the window are now blurred and the worse one was melted abit.. sigh I'm so heartache talking about it, stupidity kills but the main culprit wasn't me.

There are still few more stuffs that I wish to get in order to complete my PC upgrade for this year which is a new motherboard to support a new harddisk. Aiming to get the Abit NF7S motherboard together with a 160GB harddisk =.=" my dad somehow promised to get me this, hopefully he will keep to his words. Then the next thing is another 512MB DDR400 memory to push my system memory to 1GB X). Hrm guess there's all the update for now.. will be more hardworking updating my blog from now on.. i realize there are still some of you who visit my site after being left to dust for sometime.. thank you my fans !! muahahahahahahaha... over n out.