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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

@ HP

Alright guess I should write something about my job this time around, I've neglected writing sinceI started my work. So last week was pretty boring, it was training mon-thu where we were briefed about the company and some rules and regulations, pretty much boring but suprisingly I did not sleep, maybe I want to give a good impression to my new colleagues *lol*. Okay lets talk about my team, actually my team is supporting a new BIG client for HP which consist of 6 people, I heard they are hiring another 4. So for now, my team consists of two indian girls (ex Shell IT HelpDesk) and they were from APIIT also, quite friendly and I guess they're okay. Then there's this paticular malay guy who claims he was ex-team leader for 3rd lvl support in IBM, he talks alot as if wanting people to acknowledge that he is damn good, which I thought he's just a "tin kosong" if he's so good why IBM didn't want to extend his contract?, time will prove me right. There's another 2 guys a malay and an indian which I have not much comment on them though the malay guy is always late =.=" to me its like he's just coming for the sake of money, not the work.. Oh well. Oh.. btw I am the youngest amongst the 14 new candidates in the training I've attended =_=" suprising eh?

On Friday we were intro-ed to our team leader and getting use to the working environment. We registered our accounts for some programs there and our team lead gave us some documents to read. Oh.. the PC is cool, I get a 19" LCD and the CPU is so small, smaller than MacMini, comes with a DVD-RW, not too bad. Nothing much to do though except for reading the docs and surfing websites as my practical training will only commence next week. This week is pretty much the same, then we had another training today with one of my manager which talks about our client in depth. Quite a big client I say, however I cannot disclose them here :P P&C u can ask me though personally. Then I got to know the trainer only worked only for 6 yrs and he got into 3 managerial position, cool, I'm aiming for that hopefully I'll get there in 5 yrs. ambition for now. So I guess that's all the update for now, I've to sleep -_- need to wake up early for work tomorrow. Working 10am-7pm until my shift commences which is a 12 hour shift from 830am to 830pm and 830pm to 830am. Then we rotate 2 week once for day/night shift and we work like 14days per month, looks like i going to get plenty of free time to bug u all.. muahahahahaha... Alright shall update more if there's anything interesting.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Finally Hired!!!

Woke up around 8am today by the sound of thunder =.=" and it rained heavily after that. Felt like sleeping a little longer, but I just couldn't get myself to sleep brain is thinking about signing the letter of employment. So got myself up, brushed my teeth and ate some wanton mee my mum packed for me. Then sat in front of my PC and check on my torrents, drift bible (though i had it long time ago, the cd went missing) completed downloading together with american touge 2. American touge 1 still downloading. Okay for u n00bs, drift bible is some car drifting video thought by the Drift King Keiichi Tsuchiya and America touge consists of some track time trial and down hill race battle ^^b

So I left my house @ 945AM after bathing, yea I know the appointment is at 11AM but I just want to make sure I'm not late for it, being late for the first time really gives a bad impression :) Luckily I left early, traffic on LDP was quite congested from Puchong toll all the way to Damansara Jaya. Then from there onwards traffic is smooth sailing all the way to Damansara Heights, the place where I was suppose to sign the contract is located. Reached there around 1030am and find myself a nice parking at the building which cost RM5/hour ?! #@$*! CUT THROAT ! Quickly I went up and find the office as I wouldn't want to park there longer than 1 hour. Went into the office, greeted by some staff there and was told to wait a while, cos I was early and they havent really prepared my offer letters and stuffs. While waiting there were 2 people 1 malay guy and another malay girl waiting to be interviewed for the same position which I was hired which was Operation Support Specialist in HP incase u ppl dunno X)

Shortly after that I was called into a room by a lady, and in the room I was briefed on the working contract, I asked a few questions which were clarified by the lady. Then I procedeed to sign the contract and I was given several documents to be brought back and viewed at home such as worker's code of conduct, insurance coverage, a copy of the contract, and etc. I was told to get an X-Ray chest scan report, but its claimable, maybe its for the purpose of the insurance that the company is purchasing for me. Taadaa... I'm officially hired, my work will commence on 22nd May which is next monday +_+"" looks like I only left with 5 days more to enjoy myself before I start working like a cow. So I left the building happily and smsedJian Kien, whereby he went college for some commitee meeting and I told him to call me after he's done with his stuff. Then I drove to the car accessories shop that I visited quite often at old klang road to fix my spotlight cos it became a fishtank.. yeah flooded. Shortly after that Jian Kien called and I told him to come over the shop. He reach in time when my spot light was fixed and we headed to Happy Garden for lunch.

After that, we went to visit some halfcut shops.. I couldn't disclose the purpose here though heh...but guess what.. at one of the halfcut shop I saw this.. monster car.. Civic EK9 with Integra DC5 TypeR engine... thats right, 2.0litre VTEC inside!! Took some pictures of the car, the boss offered us to test drive the car, but I didn't dare to.. +_+" scared lost control and kabbaaamm... I won't be able to pay for the repairs. Below are some pictures...

Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at Free Image Hosting at

Alright, then went to change my car radiator coolant which was due quite some time, in case u guys dunno, u should change your radiator coolant every 10k mileage to prevent the radiator hose to rust inside. Rusting will in the long run will cause the hose to leak and it would burn a hole in ur pocket if that happens. So spend some money and change your radiator coolant every 10~15k mileage, if u dont want the worst case condition to happen. Then I dropped by Mid Valley to get a mousepad and Jian Kien got himself some delkor which again for some upcoming stuff X) Then we walked around to look out for Kakimotor but couldn't find it, guess its closed down, business must have been bad for them. Headed for home at 445pm to avoid the jam. Thats about it for today, and I'm glad that I'm finally hired, going to swim at friend's condo later in Puchong, hopefully the pool is nice and deep enough :)

Monday, May 15, 2006

I got tagged =.="

Okay, got tagged by Lih Xiang, usually I don't respond to this kind of stuffs, specially I get it alot from e-mails and friendster but its from LX u know... so I had to do it hahahaha.. hey not gay ok.. get that word out of ur head !! Here goes...


  1. Tze Loong
  2. Michael
  3. wei, eh, oi, God Loong (got this new name from CF =.=" everyone seems to start calling me by this name)


  1. Ears
  2. Eyes
  3. Fingers, its so long and flexible :D


  1. Too fat
  2. Short? hmm 5cm more would be good X)
  3. Sweaty Palms


  1. Chinese
  2. Grumpy? maybe..
  3. Looks? perhaps...


  1. People who look down on others and loves to show off
  2. People that are NATO, No Action Talk Only
  3. People who are KIASU ! yes I fucking hate Kiasuism, little is nvm too much of it just makes me sick...


  1. Cockroach.. yes u read that right... but I dont go hyper like Kim does *lol*
  2. Death of my close ones
  3. Getting involve in a car accident


  1. Lost
  2. CSI
  3. War and Beauty (TVB Show)


  1. Naruto
  2. Bleach
  3. Full Metal Panic


  1. Wang Lee Hom - 大城小愛 (Big City, Little Love)
  2. Wang Lee Hom - 第一個清晨 (The First Dawn)
  3. Lin Jun Jie - 只對你說 (Only Told You)


  1. Fast and furious
  2. Bad Boys 2
  3. Young and dangerous


  1. Tokyo Drift
  2. Da Vinci Code
  3. Pirates of The Carribean : Dead Man's Chest


  1. Music
  2. Foruming
  3. Gaming
  4. Food


  1. T-shirt
  2. Pants
  3. Underwear


  1. Adventures
  2. Humour
  3. Trust


  1. Eyes
  2. Hair
  3. Smile


  1. Procastinate
  2. Spending too much time in front of the PC
  3. Spendthrift


  1. Hanging out with friends
  2. Spending time modding PC/Car
  3. Swimming/Badminton


  1. Tint my car
  2. Touch up my car
  3. Start work faster


  1. Server Support
  2. Network Engineer
  3. Boss


  1. Pulau Redang
  2. Japan
  3. San Francisco


  1. No Idea.. I'll let my wife decide!
  2. ...
  3. ...


  1. Bungee Jumping 500ft preferably !! X)
  2. Fly a F-22 Lightning
  3. Drive a Lamborghini Murcielago


  1. I get attracted by hot girls
  2. I love to mod cars
  3. I love to mod PC


  1. TH
  2. BoA
  3. UH


  1. Sai Seng
  2. Wei Ming
  3. Whei Meng

Friday, May 12, 2006

Joga Bonito

Meaning play beautiful, yeah thats right I just got home from futsal session just now. Hurt my right toe, maybe its caused by the badminton shoe which was not suitable to be used to kick a ball +_+"" Anyhow welcome back Choo, though I wonder if he ever reads the blog heh. Overall the game was fun today, I didn't scored any goals but did assisted a few, I notice my reaction was too slow though got to improve on that. Played a nice 2 hours, pretty much exhausted finished up the water bottle i brought today and had to get a can of 100 plus there. But at the end we were not happy with the charges as we were told its rm50 per hour when we called up last night, however today they charged rm80 per hour due to public holiday. It wasn't our fault but we had to pay for it. Anyhow I wouldn't complain much and would just pay, saying to myself that as long as everyone had fun then its all okay.

Came home smiling as my Fifa World Cup 2006 finished downloading but guess what?! It was a French/Italian/German edition... OMFG !!! That torrent site did not say its not english ! Wasted my 4days waiting for the torrent to complete. Guess I'll just go get the DVD from Wei Ming. Not much game to play these days besides DotA, just finished playing The Godfather which was about the 60's Mafia in New York City where the game was about killing, bribery and taking over business heh I enjoy the process of assasinating enemy triads and robbing the bank though *grin*. Just installed Tomb Raider: The Legend not too long ago, but I somehow lost the interest to play adventure genre games these days, I wonder why. I can say I'm a RPG freak throw me any RPG game and I'm sure to finish it. Sad thing is, there are very limited RPG game available for the PC and I wouldn't want to spend money buying a PS2 as I'm going to work soon and its not worth spending the money. Alright that's about it, wondering if there's any plans tonight, I got a the urge of eating something good.. something big.. like buffet :)

Successful vs Unsuccessful Businessman

Right this is a short post to discuss topic above, say to me seriously to be a successful businessman you really got to put your customer on top of you by saying this I'm kind of referring to a bad seller I've encountered today in LowYat.Net (LYN), right I've made an appointment with the person at 9PM tonight who was suppose to sell me some mousepad and when I've called him earlier he did not pick up twice to say the least. Then I gave him a call again when I was drinking with the lasallian gang, and he gave me a voice that as though to him the sales wasn't that important anyways, he did not even appologize for not answering or whatsoever all he said was he is busy this week and ask to make the deal next week. I'm kind enough to just say alright and say goodbye on the phone, for all I know he ain't going to get my money. For god sake he's not the only one that is selling a god damn mousepad in LYN I can just look for another seller anytime. Seriously, if you want to get alot of business you got to really treat your customer well and make them happy you know what I meant? for all I know the seller could have said he's sorry and he would be willing to give me discount on the products and I would really be pleased and wouldn't mind waiting for next week. You see I'm not the only customer he will lose, as he wouldnt know that I've contacts that could perhaps buy quite some products from him. Right enough ranting :P just some tips for u businessman wannabes out there, 1st thing is know how to win customer's heart my 2cents.

Just got back from pasar malam tt with the lasallian gang just now, ate cheese nan at steven's corner which sucked, not going to eat another nan there anymore, tasted more like cheesed gardenia bread =.=" There's going to be a futsal session tomorrow, its been a while since I last played, my play must be worst than ever *aherm* never been good actually hahaha... just for the fun of it though. Got to get my so called sports shoe to repair tomorrow at the cobbler as the bottom part came out abit need to be glued/sew back. Just got a mail today, guess I'm pretty much confirmed hired as I'm enquired when I will be free to go and sign the contract, should be going there next week around Monday/Tuesday I would really like to thank Sam for informing me about the job owe u a meal dude ! :) Anyways that's about it going to bed now. zZzZZ....

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Resurrection of my Blog...

Okay, been sitting at home recently with nothing much to do so I've decided to resurrect my blog and start writing my life here. Oh, well lets see where to start from, alright I've just graduated recently, say March 2006 and got my cert and I'm looking for a job now. Got a call yesterday that I'm hired and I'll be working in HP tower in Bkt Damansara, the pay is quite good in my opinion for a fresh grad point of view. There would be a phone interview later according to the company, and I'm still waiting for the call which was suppose to be at 1130AM =_=" must be a Malaysian interviewer, never on time hahaha...

Alright for the past few months I've been sitting at home and taking up some part time event jobs with Wei Ming and Ryan, one was at PWTC working as Coordinator on the Malaysian International Furniture Fair. I should say this was the best, yes best part time job I've come across so far. Guess what I was provided lodging at Legend Hotel for the 10 days duration I worked there and the room I got was Legend Crest, supposingly a high class room :P But the stupid us "me and Ryan" thought that the food in the fridge was FOC and ate quite some stuff which ended up paying RM50 when we checked out.. we were slaughtered =.=" Okay that was the good side, the bad side was... the working hours were 9am - mid night most of the time =.= I only get 4 hours of sleep on average, I was freaking tired. My job? hahaha.. k this is cool becoming a supervisor for the temp staffs in my hall, taking care of my entire level 2 hall which was quite big, that consists of 4 halls. I've to check the overall booths construction, catering for exhibitors complaints, making sure everything goes fine, checking signages, and making sure the presentation on every halls were neat. I've to say this event was one hell of a very very organized event, perhaps cuz they've done the event for the past 11years and I believe they have plenty of exprience. Overall the job was tiring but rewarding, at the end we got paid RM1550 cash, all 3 of us X)

Okay the 2nd event we work for is the FEI World Cup Horse Jumping Finals at Putra Stadium, Bkt Jalil. Okay I personally thought that this event SUCKED, firstly the organizer was so un-organized as everything was still a mess a day before the opening. Signages was stick so last minute and they apparently used A4 printed papers to stick around the hall, and some ugly posters which was all sticked on the opening day =.=", secondly, there were too many people giving orders and got us confused who to listen to, they should have agreed on a single person with the power to ordering the temp staffs. Then the number of booths were very little and some of the booths were even left empty for the entire duration of the exhibition, which I thought sucked. Okay lets go on to my job, this time around I'm in charge of taking care of the activities in the event, 2 games which were the "Horse shoe Pitching" and "Ball Throwing" and another wall climbing activity. I tried climbing but couldnt reach the top =_=" nearly though, you can see from the picture below.. hahahaha.. ended up taking RM680 for working 6 days at the event, pretty good pay considering the job scope ;)

Free Image Hosting at

So what did I do with the money i got from both events? See the picture below ^^v

Free Image Hosting at

Well yeah spent almost all of my salary on the com, I can say 3/4 =.=, the rest? bought some stuff for my own use. Okay, guess thats all the update for now, and if everything goes well and I'll be working very soon. :P gonna update again soon.