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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Changing Shift?!

Yup u read that right, I will be changing shift soon whereby instead of working sun-wed its going to be wed-sat wtf? Yup I'm going to miss all the weekend hangouts with you guys, bah this sucks but there is nothing I could do really, as I'm assigned to handle a new account by my team leader and apparently the first half (sun-wed) shift is already full. Oh well, told by my team lead that I could make a swapping with my first half team mates once the account is stabalized. Yeah the new account is facing alot of problems, and well they need me Super-Loong to go and fix it lol, just kidding. Anyways I look at it as a chance for me to learn new stuffs and to prove my worthiness whereby I made a vow to myself that I'm going to fix that account single-handedly, yeah right! Oh, I just realized that I cant be ranting about work here anymore =_=" as my blog is easily searched on google, dont believe me? try googling for Tze Loong.

Apart from that Kevin has officially fired his boss yesterday =.= and hopefully he will be able to join my company, hohoho then we can lepak together for breaks X). Oh and his blog has been revived, hopefully not for a day only lol.

LX is back from Cambodia and bought back some cool postcards for us, picked one off the loads of postcard, although didn't get the one I wanted (who took the blue Angkor Wat postcard?! faster give it to me *bwahahahaha*). Also he got me a blinder! thanks man at last I can sleep well in the afternoon now without getting disturbed by the sun light. Alright aside from that quite a number of my friends are leaving to UK to continue their studies lets name a few of them: Vincent, Whei Meng, Victoria, and Jeng Yean. I wish you all the best in your studies, good luck in whatever you do over there and dont forget to take good care of yourselves, hope to see you guys soon I hope.

Been thinking quite alot lately, whereby I'm still in the midst of considering whether I should continue to modify my car by changing the engine just for the sake of fun. Hmmm... I need some opinion people. This is a point where I need to decide should I continue to modify my car or should I concentrate in getting a new car? which will be quite sometime from now, probably after I've finished paying my car loan. I am reluctant to sell off my car now as I have placed in a lot of effort to make it look good and it will be a waste if I let it go. Then aside from that I am also thinking about my plans for my future, the CCNA cert, should I take a course or should I self study? I can save alot if I choose to self study about 4k+-. I will need to look for materials to self study, as the paper needs me to have some basic knowledge on the cisco products. Hmm.. I will leave the study plan to next year, I will concentrate on improving my life this year by equiping myself with stuffs that I have been craving to buy all these years.

I did some research on the job scope of all the accounts that are handled by my department, almost everyone here are doing event monitoring and notification, yeah sounds nice? basically they are just like a mail room, dispatching things to supporting teams without doing much technical stuffs. Yup and I'm not proud of what I'm doing here either, too little to learn in my opinion, and hopefully I will be able to acquire more knowledge from the new account. Oh by the way I'm having my convo this coming sunday 17th September at Renaissance Hotel KL starts in the morning around 9AM. You guys are welcome to come to my convo :P butyou're not allowed to get in the hall as the seats are very limited and besides that you need to pay RM60 in order to get a seat, yup APIIT slaughters all of us because they know we will pay for its a once in a lifetime thingie sigh. Alright that's all for now will update again soon.


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