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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Officially Graduated !!!

That's right, I've finished my exam last year December 2005 and got my results early April this year, and guess what? my convocation was on 17th September which was 2 days ago. Oh well I guess its worth the wait somehow, the feeling is great where I get to see most of my classmates there to do some catching up as well as taking photos. I guess the fun part is taking photos, its a one in a lifetime thingie and I think everyone should try to snap as much photo as possible as we (me and my classmates) might not meet each other again in the future after this convocation, who knows? Below are some of the photos taken at my convocation.

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This is the Reinassance Grand Ballroom entrance.

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My mum and dad X) nice bor my flowers? *lol*

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Ex-classmates came to visit us :D thanks guys!

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Here's Wayne and Michelle...dude where's my mortar board???

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Hohohoho....happy moments XD

Anyways there's more pictures but I'm too lazy to post all of them here. You can view more of my graduation pictures on my friendster though :) Alright something funny at graduation, besides getting the scroll there was another award for best final year project which I did not manage to get, and I was questioned by my mum =.=" where she goes saying that I always play games on my PC and thus I failed to get that award, which was true.. hahaha I didnt really gave in my 100% I guess, but oh well I'm happy with the results I got no complains there. Oh my scroll was presented by Sapura holdings director or something, Tan Sri something something which made me quite disapointed. I was hoping to get the scroll from the UK University Din, a guai lou which will make the photo looks much much better :(

The ceremony ended around 430PM and there was refreshments prepared for us and the guest outside the ballroom. There was aproximately 1000 guests and it was pretty much crowded, I only manage to grab some food and I couldn't find any drinks, give the guests sapu all already I guess. Left the hotel after paying for my group photo and got a receipt where I'm suppose to collect the photos on the 29th when I return my gown. We went to watch the football matches that night featuring Chelsea vs Liverpool and Man United vs Arsenal which was quite dissapointing where Man U midfielders were basically crappy the whole night. Damn I hope Giggs will faster recover from his injury, we need him!! argh...

Nothing much this few days, basically spend the time fixing up my car and furnishing it with something nice =P Thats all for now.


  • At 11:57 PM, Anonymous junhoe said…

    Hey, a little late, but congratulations! Hehe, yeah you should be very proud of yourself. A graduate already wor, hehe.

  • At 3:33 AM, Blogger Tze Loong said…

    Hey, thanks !! :) Yeah everyone should enjoy their convocation as much as possible !!!


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